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In 1992, after several years of experience in the rope industry, Giuseppe Sorrentino, a descendant of six generations of rope manufacturers, established a business of his own — Eurofilati Ltd. — and embarked on the production of synthetic yarns.

From a small business with just a few winding machines and twiners, over the years Eurofilati grows into a national leader in yarn processing.

Today the company acquires polyester, nylon and polypropylene from mostly foreign suppliers and manufactures a wide range of products, mainly semi-finished products for corderies.

Once upon a time the family manufactured hand-made ropes, with the only machinery being the twine wheel which can now be seen in the Museum of Arts, Crafts and Countryside Culture of S. Lucia di Cava, the settlement where Eurofilati is based. Nowadays Eurofilati’s advanced technologies, qualified personnel and modern equipment ensure the highest quality of the company’s products which meet the most sophisticated needs of agriculture, shipping and fishing industry.

From 1992 on, the company’s innovative and entrepreneurial efforts resulted in the launch of the new state-of-the-art factory which integrated all separate production units.

Furthermore, recently the company has expanded into the production of braided ropes for fishing and agriculture, sought after on the international markets. Moreover, a few years ago Eurofilati’s production range was enlarged to embrace polypropylene twines. This development marked a new step in the company’s success story and increasingly strengthened our position on the market, based on customer satisfaction and client loyalty.

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